Traeger Grills in Superior WI, Duluth MN, Hermantown MN and Cloquet MN

London Road Rental Center is Duluth’s Traeger Headquarters.

Trager Grills make you look like a professional, even if you are a "Worst Cook in America" person. We have a large selection of these top-quality grills and can help you decide which is the right one for you. Shop our selection of pellets, sauces, and spices for take-home items that will make you Top Chef in your family!

A pellet grill is a better cooking solution than a gas or charcoal grill. Why?

  • It’s mouthwateringly tasty - wood naturally enhances flavor
  • It’s versatile - you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise AND bbq
  • It’s independent - you can set it & forget it
  • It’s consistent - you can cook like a pro every time
  • It’s supported - by an online community offering daily recipes & best in-class service

The Timberline Series - Grilling Just Got Even Easier

London Road Rental Center in Duluth MN & Superior WI sells Traeger Timberline Grills

With the help of a team of top engineers, pros from the barbecue circuit, and backyard grillmasters like you, Timberline Grills are designed to give you the control you crave. Superior structure and design, combined with new features like Super Smoke mode and WiFIRE® control, allow you to craft your food better and turn up your skill set every time you turn on the grill.

The Timberline Wi-Fi pellet grill has a double-wall, commercial-grade stainless steel interior, along with an airtight lid gasket, to maintain temperatures and keep your wood-fired heat where it’s meant to be. The new pill-shaped barrel adds enough room for a three-tier grill grate system, so you can fit more food to grill, smoke, sear, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ.

Our patent pending approach to Smoke Science creates and circulates pure, blue smoke, ensuring your food receives only the finest hardwood flavor, and allowing you to create ultimate smoke profiles. Bottom line-- your food will taste better.

The Timberline’s WiFIRE® Wi-Fi controller gives you the freedom to change the temperature, set timers, and connect with the worldwide Traeger community all from your phone, anytime, anywhere via the Traeger App.

From a stainless steel structure, to enhanced smoke taste, to increased capacity, the Timberline does it better.

Pro Series

London Road Rental Center in Duluth MN & Superior WI sells Traeger Pro Series Grills

The Pro Series Grills have been revolutionized with powerful features that will increase grilling efficiency and convenience for the frequent Traegerist.

The New Pro Controller maintains temperature within Plus/Minus 15° F. With this newly improved temperature control, precision grilling is simple.

Take your barbecue flavors Pro on a Pro Series wood-fired grill.

Accessories and Supplies

We stock many of the accessories and supplies to make the most of your Traeger Grill experience, including pellets, spices, and sauces.

Hone Your BBQ Craft!

Traeger Grills will help you; along with their sauces, spices and rubs, will make you cook like a Pro Pitmaster. Traeger is more than a grill, it is a wood fired meat machine that generates flavorful smoke making everything you cook taste amazing.

London Road Rental Center has the inventory and the professional advice needed to get you set up with your own Traeger Grill! Browse through our online inventory, give us a call, and/or stop by to see these phenomenal grills in person!